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I posted this on my Twitter as well:

Just some late night rambling. I just wrote this because I needed something interesting to do:

Essentially, a widespread human obsession with the yearning to the ascertainment of mainstream collectivism is feasibly a reflection of the necessity of people to harness the societal acknowledgement through other individuals. So ingrained is this yearning that it apprehends the everyman to prioritise the voyage of the search above all other expeditions. It is the fundamental principle which aptly provides the definition for the basis of all human interaction. Transcending every contextual component of the universe, it is this passion which is so eagerly pursued by the hunter and so deeply treasured by the acquirer. It is this very phenomenon which implements the foundation of the human experience. Curiously, such an ornament which we hold in the most highest of regards can neither be seen, felt or held. Yet it remains the most important aspect of everything which we hold so dear. It is all around us, and its very essence defines every one of us to the deepest and most absolute notion of personal truth. It embodies the very depths of our souls. We not only want it, but we fiercely need it. It is the unique flame of the individual which moulds us from clay and makes us who we are, and what we are. Quite simply, it is love.
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