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I found this great little book at Barnes and Noble last week and it is a great book! It's small and easy to read, it is written by a lady who used to be extremely shy but learned how to be a great conversationalist and now she tours the country teaching people how to be a good conversationalist, too!

She gives very simple tips on starting and maintaining conversations, she gives lists of topics to talk about. This is a great resource and I am glad to have found it! I have been looking for a book like this for a long time since my social skills are so lacking. It has been a negative cycle for me for a long time: SA prevents me from talking to people, I want to talk to people, my social skills stink which only increases my SA.

My anxiety has already gone down and I find myself talking with some people without having an attack!

Oh, and the author's name is Debra Fine.
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