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There are dueling forces out there...but Jesus said "All POWER has been given unto me in Heaven and in Earth"...if he says ALL then he means the forces that are evil only have the ability to deceive us...if we let them...but we always have backup, since Jesus has all the power...
As far as for Jesus being a a fear image...he is the one that came to overcome fear...being linked up with Him is one of the easiest ways to overcome far as for the White Light...he is the Light. Could Jesus go by a variety of Names?...people from many different religions have seen him...just because they don't know his name, doesn't mean that He is not who He is.
Something that St Julian said that He revealed to her, during a vision of his passion...was that God has a plan...not yet revealed to mankind that will make All things right...
Does that mean that I think that Jesus sacrifice on the cross was not enough?...No!...But I think that God is going to do that Great thing...something beyond our imagination...and I feel sure it involves Jesus.
Remember when Jesus said on the cross "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." I personally feel that that statement is going to be the God's way of saving the whole world...
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