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Hi Dr Doc,
Its so nice to see your name ...

Before I was saved, I must confess, I was playing in the Dark...
All I can say its very real, and Satan and his demons,...will tell you
anything to get their hooks into you... I am so ever grateful that Jesus died on the cross to save me from the pit I was putting my soul in....


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With me ,
I was fooled by thinking I was associating with the great white light, and Jesus,
but in reality, I was being fooled into worshiping the false light..

I was into Reiki, and spirit Guides, and tarot cards, in which I always
allowed spirits to become part of me...
I have done alot of work to renew my life and live for Jesus,
It seems like every 5 steps I take forward I go back two, and every leap I take toward Jesus, I am spiritually attacked..but thats ok, because today I know Jesus defeated the enemy at the cross....

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Spetsialnaya wrote
still to elaborate..? I can understand if you don't wish to. Im just where you USED to be. And have never felt/been better off, or felt more love in the world, while All I ever see the "Jesus" figure bring to peoples minds is slavery, and a sens of never being worthy of anything. Im not attempting to be hostle, Im genuinely curious to find out what you think, and what made you change. from a loving welcoming godhead, to one that rules through fear, exclusion, and a ego-filled childish bravado?
first maybe I should give a little Background...I grew up in a non Practicing
Catholic Family..and at Young age , the God I knew was a punishing
God, and the church was full of hipocrites(in retrospect)

I was always interested in the supernatural, and because of growing up in a large verbally abusive family, I escaped into my thoughts and mind...

But to get to the topic... when I first started AA, I went to a weekend festival where I was surrounded by New Age beliefs, and the higher power.
I was introduced to Reiki and its in the next few years I learned what I could, Got my Reki One and Two, and was on the road to my masters...I was also looking into my native American past,..
I started doing spirit drawings, in which I allowed my spirit guide to help,
I was using my Crystals, and divination...Tarot cards, spirit animals...ect..I had friends that were mediums... read many books on enlightenmemt, ect..and went on a few Past life that point I began to believe in Karma, and reincarnation..and in this whole time..I still couldnt get any length of sobriety..and their was no HOPE..
in these beliefs... I was ready to commit suicide and go on to the next*level* of my spiritual life....

now looking back.. God was in my life, and I had no neighbor
started taking my two girls to Her Christian Church for a youth Group, and had another neighbor praying for me, though at the time I had to clue..(power of prayer is amazing)

so one Sunday out of the desire to find a need to stay alive, and some hope I went to this church..I was so overwhelmed by the sense of Love..
next thing I knew, I am learning about the True Jesus thats in the Bible, not the one that I was told was The best Reikist, that never did die on the cross, and lived for many years...

I was shown a hope.... I was shown the truth, and As I read the Bible, and listened to tapes..I realized that the God I thought I knew was nothing like Him...granted, a few times I got confused by reading the Old Testament...but that went away the more I dug into the word...

I will be honest and say I am still young in my maturity in getting to know Jesus, and still go thru many storms, but I am always finding a loving God to the rescue, and get stronger.. the latest storm has been learning about AvPD(avoidant personality disorder) but again that was a result of prayers and God giving me some answers....

okay, I just realized this is getting kinda long....

so to sum up all those other words.. I worshipped the devil and his legion,
not realizing it, because he disquised himself as the False white light,
and when I saw the truth, I was ever so gratefull that Jesus Christ died on the cross for all my sins..and God gives us an undeserved grace...

these are just my thoughts and what I believe,
but if you want even more imformation pick up the bible for the truth..

God Bless

ps.. I hope I answerd your kinda carried away

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I will have to agree with spets on the ouija board,
though I believe if your truly a Christian, the ouji board will and should
be all that it is ..a board....

Spets, you sound like you have done alot of research! thats so far, to date, I have found the NIV bible to be the better one..King James drives me nuts with all the, thous and thee's


ps abrasive? no way! I thank you for giving me the chance to share a little of my testimony
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