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I'm curious to know others thoughts on this. I'm amazed at how much of my energy comes from my mind vs. my physical state.

I've noticed over the years that if I'm in an above average mood, for whatever the reason, I have much more energy. For example, I try to workout everyday, its basically the same workout routine. Now, even though I might have the exact same amount of sleep the day before and have the exact same diet, I'm astounded at how much my energy level changes from day to day, and in turn, my motivation to go through that workout.

And what changes my mood can be something as simple as hearing from an old friend that day, or finally completing a project at work, or having someone compliment me, or maybe a girl smiles at can be the smallest thing, but if it triggers a more upbeat mood, I feel like I can climb Mt. Everest.

So I guess I just find it fascinating that one's energy and capacity to physically take on a task really has so much to do with your mental state, more so than a good nights rest.
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