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Anyone seen or enjoyed this show?

For anyone who hasn't seen or heard about it, it is a show about a bunch of people who have heard that a man in this diner can make any wish of theirs come true. But to have their wish come true, they must complete a task given by the man in the booth and report to him about their progress and thoughts about their task.

I watched both seasons in 1 sitting, I couldn't stop watching it. For a show that takes place 100% in a diner with no action, I liked it very much, more so the first season than the second but I still enjoyed the second. Just hearing each persons recounts of the tasks and the struggles they face about whether their desires outweigh their own morality I found very interesting.

This show raises the same question in me that it did with its characters. Would I do anything it takes to have my deepest desire filled, no matter the cost? If not, what would be my limit?

Here is the trailer for the first season

I believe you can watch it all on Hulu if you are American or use a proxy. Also, someone has uploaded both the seasons on youtube here, except the very first episode so you'd have to find it somewhere online.
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