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It's simple: be someone you'd want to date.

All this PUA garbage is based on manipulation. Love and successful relationships are not based on manipulation. PUA will teach you that it's not okay to be yourself and you have to act fake. Women want a man that's REAL, that's TRUE, that's GENUINE. Even if you just want a one-night stand, this PUA garbage is still not the best approach. That ish ain't even attractive. I just broke up with a former model/stripper. I don't say that to brag, I just say that so you know I've got experience. For those of you who are still viewing the world through PUA-tainted vision, you need to read this: start with the oldest post and work your way through it. Trust me, it's worth it.

Anyways, my strategy is simple and I think it's a healthy way to live. I want a woman who's physically attractive, intelligent, spiritual and socially conscious. I usually have dated minorities but I won't base a woman's worth on her ethnicity- she can be any color.

My upper-body is sore. I've got a pair of clippers on my dresser. Why? I've been working out like crazy and drinking protein shakes and I just gave myself a fresh haircut. If I want my future wife to be physically attractive, I should try to make myself easy on her eyes. My nose is a little bigger than I'd like it to be, I wish I was taller- but I don't control those things, so I focus on what I can control. So I eat healthy food, exercise, keep myself well-groomed (not to the point of effeminacy) and when I have some money I'll buy some nice clothes.

I want a woman that's intelligent; I read and I try to learn something new every day and to constantly keep myself mentally stimulated.

My constant aim is self-improvement. I need to work on further developing my positive qualities. I have bad habits, negative tendencies. Self-improvement here is essential.

I know a man who was a great boyfriend in a lot of ways but he had his flaws. He lacked self-control and he was very aggressive. I knew his girlfriend and they were an adorable couple and what happened?

He lost control of himself and ended up beating her. This dude was head over heels in love with her and ruined everything because he wasn't in control of his anger. For him, it was aggression. For me, it was drug use. Whatever it is for you, get it in check before it scares off someone that you want to be with.

Anyways, this is just my perspective on relationships.


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You are generalizing PUA. A good PUA teacher will tell you to have two type of game. One for getting a gf and one for just getting laid aka one night stand or friend with benefit. The one to get a gf is the natural game. Being yourself. Being vulnerable etc.

In better word, PUA mainly for getting laid. Barely useful for a relationship. Basically, dont get into PUA if you are only looking for a relationship.

Anyway, it is good that I aint the only one working on self aka self improvement. Keep it up. We need more SA'er like you on this forum. Btw, are you working on curing your SA?

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I have only studied PUA stuff for a couple of hours and read more about alpha beta males (maybe another 3-4 hours)...

From what I recently read, most great PUA are completely full of ****. Alpha males and natural winners/popular guys that everyone gravitates toward (center of attention at a party) don't even have to TRY or put any effort in. It just comes naturally to them. Pick-up artists have to hone their craft of fake bull**** for years to become good at being a fake person.

Another thing I read about alpha males is that lets say for example you were a skinny dorky nerd growing up and picked on... if you later in life lift weights and get ripped, you may be physically imposing but even those guys never become true alpha males or are successful with women. because your psyche and confidence will be too scarred from past trauma... very hard to fake it...

As far as PUA, if it worked, I assume I would devote some time to it, but I am not necessarily looking to sleep with 100 women, not to mention how time-consuming learning all of that is, especially based on how fake/artificial it is also.
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