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"some people think you are a weak loser so they pick on you
some people just think you are plain boring therfore they avoid speaking to you"
I get the impression you're thinking "I'm not a weak loser, I just have SA," and "I'm not boring, I just have SA." But what do you think makes those boring, weak losers what they are? Their SA. They ARE you. You are them. If they could overcome their SA, they could break out of being their weird, boring, weak loser selves.

socially inept, how old are you? I'm just curious.. I'm really surprised to hear your story was a success, but congratulations! The reason I ask is because I wouldn't expect a high school team to understand SA. I'd actually expect them to pick on someone more if they found out they had it. Is what you experienced any different than what group therapy would accomplish?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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