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i think there are 2 problems with SA:

1)the actual SA itself
2) the fact that other people do not know about your SA or understand it

i think one of the worst things about SA is when you are around people and you are acting all silent and stand off ish and those people react badly towards you as aresult of your behaviour.
some people think you are a weak loser so they pick on you
some people just think you are plain boring therfore they avoid speaking to you
some people think you are stuck up , aloof and that you dont like them therefore they feel hurt and rejected by you whch in turns makes them reject you
some people just think you are weird

i hate it when ive been in a social event and acted anxiously and ive had a bad reaction form others. its just as bad as the actuall SA itself. i always ended up thinking after the event ''if only these people new what i was going through, if only they understood my sitaution''

whenever you act anxiously and people do not understand it , it always results in yuo not being accepted by the group. i think the 1st step to overcoming SA is to be accepted by people despite your sa and to have people understand your sa and circumstances.

if you could be accepted by people then you ae free to focus on your sa and beat it. when people dont understand you , you are fighting 2 battles. you are fighting sa plus other people. its too hard.

how much easier would it be to beat SA if the whole world knew about SA? it would be a lot easier and i have experience of this. last year i joined a new football team and starting playing with the reserves. however whenever i was
around my teamates i acted socialy anxiously and low and behold i got a bad reaction from everyone. they didnt like me, they didnt understand me and i just wasnt accepted. everytime i went down there it was a nightnmare cos i was fighting not only sa but also being misunderstood and not accepted

anyway i went public with my sa int he local newspaper and the whole team seen it. afte theat i was accepted. they were sincere towards and me and understood my sitauation. after hat whenever i acted ''weird (i.e socially anxious)'' around them they new why so they didnt care and didnt react badly to it

after that everytime i went down there i still had to fight the fear of self conciousness and the fea of blushing infront of everyone etc.... but at least i didnt have to fight poeple reacting badly to me and me not being accepted

it didnt half help and make a difference

im very ambituos persn and my goal is to get the whole world to understand sa and accept social phobics. that will make our recovery a hell of a lot easier. i want to get a documetary on tv were people are gonna watch it and stand up and take notice. i can use celbrity examples of SA such as wayne rooney and eminem (both have obviously got SA. did anyone see eminem on the jonathon ross show a few weeks ago ? he is a typical social phobic

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"some people think you are a weak loser so they pick on you
some people just think you are plain boring therfore they avoid speaking to you"
I get the impression you're thinking "I'm not a weak loser, I just have SA," and "I'm not boring, I just have SA." But what do you think makes those boring, weak losers what they are? Their SA. They ARE you. You are them. If they could overcome their SA, they could break out of being their weird, boring, weak loser selves.

socially inept, how old are you? I'm just curious.. I'm really surprised to hear your story was a success, but congratulations! The reason I ask is because I wouldn't expect a high school team to understand SA. I'd actually expect them to pick on someone more if they found out they had it. Is what you experienced any different than what group therapy would accomplish?
im 26. i was talking about joining a local footy team not a highschool team

i dont know what group therapy entales s i couldnt say

if you sit in silence in the corner and dont show any of your personality you can be percieved to be a boring person. it doesnt mean that you actually are boring its just that you have a disorder which is making it ifficult foryou to have fun.
you can also be peircieved to be weak if you are constantly nervous . and again this isnt nesecarirly true its just the disorder
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