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Hey guys,...
I've been have crazy anxiety over a new job I start on Monday. (The position is dispatcher at a towing company.) I have customer service experience, and this job pays well. but I'm sooooo scared. :cry:
I'm also possibly moving to an apartment with a roomate in July. It feels too much

I'm so scared. Im freaking terrified. Triggered badly today thinking about it. I've been sleeping all day to reset. So much Dread.

I have ADD so I'm afraid that they will go too fast in training and I won't pick it up ( I'm not telling them I have a disability, it never ends well). It has impacted me in embarrassing ways as an adult. And I feel so stupid.

I'm scared I'll get confused. Which is something I've been bullied for in the workplace before by 2 separate bosses. I've been bullied a lot about it.
People will not hire me if I disclose it.

The eorkplace bullying destroyed my self esteem I'm so scared. I feel like since I'm moving in with a new roomate soon it'll be high get it right.

And stay at this job. I desperately need stability. I'm so scared they'll let me go or I'll screwup badly. I can't mess up! I don't know how forgiving they'll be...

But I'm trying not to panic.. But I can't stop..
Any thoughts?_
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