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Terrell Owens suspended

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Philadelphia Eagles WR Terrell Owens has been suspended indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team. This stems from an interview on ESPN in which T.O. said he agrees with former WR turned commentator Michael Irvin that if Brett Favre was the Eagles QB, they'd be undefeated...a direct jab at Donovan McNabb.
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As A 49er Fan all I can say is :lol

And this :hide
Owens also was involved in a fight last week with former Eagles defensive end Hugh Douglas, who remains with the team as its "ambassador." Owens apologized for his comments about the organization in a brief statement on Friday, but he didn't apologize to McNabb or the team.

"The league has been notified by the players' union that they will be grieving our right to take that action," Reid said, "therefore there is nothing more that I can say at this point."

Owens summoned police to his house in Moorestown, N.J., late Monday because there were some people on his property. Owens said he wanted to be left alone, had no comment and would contact the news media when he did want to speak, police at the scene said.

Later, two pizzas were delivered to Owens home. Deliveryman James McDevitt said Owens did not answer the door, but a $5 tip was left on the door step.

From Foxsports

$5 dollars :stu
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