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When ever a telemarketer calls, the contest begins. The goal is make the telemarketer hang up on you, without directly encouraging them to hang up.

Mork: Hello?
TM: click... Hello?
Mork: Hello?
TM: Hi, I'm calling from the local newspaper... blah blah blah
$100 worth of coupons... blah blah blah
free trial... blah blah blah
Can I get the city you live in?
Mork: I can't give you that.
TM: Don't you want a newspaper? How will you get the news?
Mork: I'll use the internet.
TM: What about at work? Don't you want to read the news at work?
Mork: I have the internet at work.
TM: Don't you want to take the newspaper to work?
Mork: hmmmmmm... Not really.
TM: Well have a good evening.
TM: click
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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