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I hate this ****, I hate this ****-ok so, I I'm having some financial issues at college-so I'm requesting a dorm but the bursar says that I have to pay the whole room board now, when I thought that I just had to pay the deposit, and by the time that school started, that's when everything would be due-the confusion I'm having is probably due to the fact that I'm doing this **** all at the last minute, but still, and also, the amount she says is due, is higher than the amount that I calculated

And FYi, this is my 3rd year in college, but the 2 years before this was at a community college, no dorm s, financial aid covered evrything and at this college now, I have Stafford loans, and so on, to deal with

So my question is, when an administrator says, you owe this now, or this or that, whatver, or you have to do something technical for school are confused as to why????Do you know every little in and out of what's due when???/etc etc....Or are you like me, where' you're like, oh I didn't realize I had to do that, or I thought this or>>>>>>>-You just do things as they come up

I'm such a procrastinator!!!!!!!
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