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I never had seizure problem before, even when I tried tapering for short period,

But now I've been taking xanax nearly for two years I'm a bit worried.

I take prescription xanax 1-1.5mg per day, everyday, rarely skip the meds, sometimes exceed dose when I'm stressed,

I still don't experience serious side effects, but I think xanax is really habit forming, and started to feel uncomfortable...something...hard to describe what it is...
my brain is letting me know 'now it's the time to stop the meds.' kind of signal?

Anyway, I'm getting xanax from my family doctor, since my lousy psychiatrists refused to give me xanax saying it's addictive,
Long story short, my family doctor refuses to give me other long lasting kinda benzo saying he doesn't know about other benzos. He is really reluctant to give me klonopin or valium instead of xanax, and it's really hard to find other doc who'd give me any kind of benzos easily. In my town, or city, doctors are sooooooo anti-benzo.

So, my question is,

I'm trying to taper it in this way--only taking it small doses on 'really needed basis', not taking when i'm just anxious or feeling depressed.

But I'm worried about seizure...I heard many horrible stories about xanax and seizure.
I never had seizure, how can I know if I would have it or not? Panic attack itself is horrible enough, but seizure??! Does it really happen to everyone who ever tried tapering?

Anyone experienced seizure can share the story? it will be great help. Thx in advance.

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Just tamper off slowly, you should be fine, if it is causing you great distress (withdrawals, I believe there would be a lot more symptoms of withdrawals before you got to the level of a seizure) to come off the medication talk to your doctor about adding a detox med to help with detox. Bad nightmares, and all those other horrible benzo withdrawals. I personally was taking 4mg of Xanax a day for several years, 20 odd years ago when Xanax was a long term treatment plan for panic and anxiety, I stopped cold turkey, I WOULD NOT recommend doing that, but I had no withdrawals at all. I was not psychology addicted to Xanax. Actually to be honest I do not believe the drug did much to help relieve my SA at all. I have had horrible detox withdrawals from benzos before though, rohypnol, which I was both physically and psychologically addicted to. It is a horrible thing to go through, but you can do it. Rohypnol is really a drug way above Xanax (and illegal in most countries) and I am sure you will go through nothing like I did and I did not have a seizure) I still take Xanax, only 0.5mg very now and then, sometimes for a few days in a row. I think I am more psychologically addicted to it now then when I was when taking 4mg a day for years. I should clarify that I use it as a sleep aid, it still does nothing to help with my SA. A positive attitude will go a long way and at the first sign of any withdrawals that you think you can not handle ask your doctor for help.
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