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This is a common occurrence for me. My Mom used to get mad at me for it. But she can't anymore. This is the first time since she died.

I was playing soccer (football, futbol or calcio for those in Italy) when I went to head the ball. I also headed another person's head. I got a laceration and called 9-1-1/ police. They came, and I was told that I didn't NEED stitches but without them I would have a HUGE SCAR. I wen t to the ER and got a battery of tests that I know and kind of love (MRI, CT scan). I was fine except for the laceration. Six stitches later and I'm fine with a bad-a** story to tell (I won the header, btw).

But the reason why this story is important (I get sports injuries about every month - a serious one every year or so and the hosptial every two years or so) is because of something else. I was fine until the ambulance came. That attracted a huge crowd of people. I started to have an anxiety attack from that point on. I started to get blurry vision and all the rest. It was scary having all of these people look at me. My heart rate jumped to 70 beats per minute (usually around 50, last time the doctor measured it at 45 bpm and my blood pressure was 180/95 (normally 130/80). Given my blood pressure the EMT decided for me to take me by ambulance. Once I was in the ambulance, my heart rate went down to ~45 bpm and blood pressure to 130/80. This was a wake up call. I have been prescribed but not taking anti-anxiety medication. Maybe I should be. It just really made me wonder if I'm handling the anxiety I have properly. Everything else in my life is in good health, but I just can't seem to take care of my emotions. It's ust kinda scary to think about.

So, in summation: blood gushing from my head and being thrown to the ground after a mid-air collision with a two-hundred pound man, fine; having people look at me, scary.
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