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Okay this is going to be a slight post of frustration as well as a triumph over SA. Please guys do not make me punch myself any more than I have done.

My dog attracts a LOT of attention. Mainly from parents, older people and their children. Rarely does she attract attention from girls my age but today....she did ;).

I was walking through the park and this girl was walking at a distance in front of me. She wore a short black dress and wore a "zombie killing bag" style messenger bag. By the time I got to the entrance she was going off in a totally different direction. I didn't really pay much attention to her but I did notice she looked a little lost.

I went my own way and walked the dog through the field but ended up cutting through to a road on the side. I noticed as I was coming out of here that the girl had now gone back my way and was walking down the road towards me.

Again, she was at a distance so I thought nothing of it. I cut across the road to some greenery at the side. As I was walking down the greenery the dog started slowing up, stopping and sniffing the ground every now and again. I also, was in the middle of texting my friend.

Suddenly, I sensed someone behind me and this girl walked right past me. The dog tried to run up to her and say hello and I pulled her back. I said sorry and this girl looked at me, at this point I saw she was absolutely gorgeous.

I instantly felt myself turning to jelly lol :D

She said "that's okay what a gorgeous dog" with a beaming smile at me.

I said "awwh thank you" I must have been blushing so badly haha.

I then said "she can be a bit of a handful sometimes" to which she replied "she is gorgeous though" smiling at me again.

My smile felt somewhat weak I must have looked so silly and again I said "thank you"

Then she said in a tone I kind of picked up as a tiny bit flirtatious "You are VERY welcome"

Then she kept looking back at me and smiling in this certain way.

Now I am kicking myself hugely because no more was said. I know people may be like DUDE ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?.

You have to understand though I RARELY attract any real attention from strangers usually. Also, while I am pretty okay on dates and stuff, small talk and getting cosy with strangers is not a strong point.

It is one I am going to start working on hugely but this is a huge triumph for me that I actually managed to make some small talk and do it to a stunning girl actually showed interest in me!!!

That makes so much of a difference when you think you are pretty average :boogie
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