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Suggest some music for me

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I am trying to expand my musical horizons but I have a problem. I don't have money to spend on music I might not like. So I will write down some stuff I like and some stuff I don't like and see if someone can suggest stuff I might like based upon what I already like.

What I like

1. Pink Floyd. I LOVE Pink Floyd. My favorite band. Though I don't care much for the Syd era stuff.

Edited for clarification - I think Echoes is the definitive Pink Floyd song. Sure. I think all of their stuff is great but Echoes just puts the whole Pink Floyd experience in one song.

2. Suzanne Vega - There's just something about her that I love. It seems like she almost can't make a bad song.

3. Tracy Chapman - I think much of her music is a bit samey but I still like her. She reminds me a little of Vega but she's not as creative.

4. John Mellencamp - He's not my favorite and he's kind of lightweight but his stuff is usually fun.

5. Tori Amos - So far, the only thing I've heard from her is Boys For Pele and I love it. It's just........weird. But in a good way.

6. Just about every "top 40" radio hit from 1988

7. AC/DC - They're almost too hard for me but I like them sometimes when I'm in an "up" mood

8. Journey - OK. Maybe they're cheesy but I like them anyway. Mostly for Steve Perry's voice. I'm big on really talented and powerful vocalists. You don't get much more powerful than Steve Perry. That guy they replaced him with really does sound similar but it bugs me because it isn't Steve.

9. The Eagles - Seven Bridges Road, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Lying Eyes, Take It To The Limit, Sad Cafe and more. I like most of their stuff but I tend towards the slower more country sounding stuff.

10. I LOVE "Iris" by The Goo Goo Dolls

11. Jewel's "Foolish Games" was an amazing song but I sampled some of her other stuff on Amazon and it didn't hit me the same way. Same with Dido's song from that same year. I can't remember the name of it but it was a great tune.

12. Natalie Merchant is cool for a few songs but after a while, her songs sound so much alike I can't listen anymore. I also like her voice but I think it's what I call a fake voice. In other words, she could sing with more range than she does but for some reason, she seems to deliberately sing everything the same way.

13. I like a lot of the slower stuff from Crosby, Stills and Nash (Young). I have a "Best Of" album around here somewhere that I can listen to just about all the way through.

Edit -

14. I've just realized that I really like Spanish guitar instrumentals.

15. I like SOME techno and trance. Enigma (and similar) is pretty cool

What I don't like -

1. Just about anything that's really hard and fast. Metal, for instance.

2. Rap. Don't get me wrong. I'm not prejudiced or anything. I like some hip hop and rap but it's basically just not my cup of tea

3. I don't like bands that sound like Radiohead (even though some people say they remind them of Pink Floyd, I don't hear it).

4. I hate Coldplay and anyone who sounds even remotely like them.

5. I don't like Jeff Buckley

6. Don't like Hendrix. I know. Sacrilege. I still don't like him.

I hope someone can give some good suggestions. I've given a lot of popular stuff at least a test listen. I haven't found much that really appeals to me. I may try and update this post as I think of more stuff to put in here.
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Dave Matthews. I love the primal way he sings.
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