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I am seriously considering this and I'm wondering why its not very popular? There is hypnotherapy in my city and I'm considering it, but it is pricy. So I'm thinking I will try a book or download. I have come a long way from just a year ago by just forcing myself to do things, but thats SO painful. Maybe the hypnosis would lessen the anxiety?
the best way to make hypnosis work is :

*have a couple of sessions with an nlp practionaire who combines nlp, hypnosis, and timeline therapy. make sure you find a good practionaire though that you respect and have faith in (not all of them are good )
they useally offer you a free introduction so that u can go down and meet them before deciding if you want the sessions or not

*after the sessions listen to a cd everyday for 21 days . the cd should relate to your particualr problem e.g if its blushing you are trying to deal with then use a hypno cd for blushing. the best cds ive found are at

*after 21 days of the hypno cd listen to thinkrightnows ''conquering SA''cd everyday whilst also taking action to face your fears
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