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I've tried a book and some CDs. I would say it's not popular as not widely accepted like CBT and therapies are accepted by Drs and clinical studies. I wouldn't rule it out, but I'm a bit tentative. I got from the CDs that you have to keep using them daily to have an effect. I did wonder about in person hypnosis and posted here but didn't find anyone that tried it and was a bit wary as it's expensive for something that may not work. I wondered would someone really be cured of smoking from 1 or 2 sessions. I'm also wary of some of the claims made by hypnotherapists and motivational people about results being guaranteed, I can't help but think they are preying on the vulnerable sometimes. However, I think some hypnotherapists are probably OK but that you would not be cured in 1 session. I made some enquiries and it seemed that they would run a series of sessions given my particular problems and I was put off by the cost, and finding one local enough. If it is a deep rooted problem I'm not sure it would be the quick fix you would hope for, but then I've not met anyone who has tried it. In person they would tailor it to you, the CDs will be generic and may not be as effective.
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