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This is a good idea! During the busier hours, threads only stay up on the first page for maybe an hour or so. However, I'm not sure about the idea of splitting the Coping Section into situations as I think quite often people's problems occur in more than one situation and having too many or too specific categories can be confusing as there is a greater chance of overlap.

The description of the Coping with SA section describes it as:

Ask questions, give advice and share your knowledge of how to cope with SA.

So maybe something like:

-Questions on SA
-Advice on dealing with SA
-Share stories of coping with SA (symptoms, relate to others)

I wonder if this were to take place, how it'd be implemented in terms of old threads. Would someone have to manually sort them into groups? Or would there x, y z categories and then all the threads viewable together below them?

Another possible idea to implement this, Coping with SA could have its own forum in the same way there is "Recovery" and "Discussion" forums? - And maybe get rid of the less active forums on here e.g Teens, Mental Health and Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) Awareness or merge forums together.

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Things Unsaid, I like the idea of tagging too.

Banzai, I understand what you are saying but I think this is unavoidable in most cases, and the solution is to simply just look in all the categories that are related to what you are looking for. I personally think that this is a minor problem compared to how much subsections would help.

For instance, take the way I split up part of the 'coping with SA' section as follows (note, 'Social situations and coping with anxiety' is a subsection and the hyphens represent sub-subsections if you will):

Social situations and coping with anxiety
- Anxiety in groups
- Anxiety when with one other person
- Nights out
- Family gatherings
- Talking to strangers
- Public places

Now I personally think this makes things a lot easier to navigate. I may want to see what people are saying about talking to groups of strangers for instance, so I will have to look at two sections instead of one, but it is still easier than not having any subsections and having to browse through all the messeges in the 'coping with SA' section.

Maybe tagging would help with this, so that people will select the major themes in the thread (a search will show up if just one word matches, but this is often no the major theme of a message). So in the example above, you would look for messages/threads tagged with 'strangers' and 'groups' and know that these aren't just words in one message, but a major theme of the thread.
Hmm what do you think about common threads such as "I'm so quiet", "how do I make friends", self-esteem/confidence related threads etc. I'm thinking in terms of more "general" SA problems which affect across the board rather than a specific situation.
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