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I should be happy that the ppl I come in contact consider me somewhat normal (this doesnt last long, lol) and assume that I can get into a relationship. This isnt the case and I get some strange reactions when they find out Im single. It has alot to do with why I dont tell too many ppl that I have SA until I cant continue to do the whole song and dance I do to make friends. This isnt a rant, just kind of humorous/a little annoying, and I wanted to see if anybody goes through the same thing :):

So, how are you 24 and scared to talk to boys? Thats stupid...

So are you a lesbian?

But are you sure youre not a lesbian cuz I see that you dont wear dresses (cuz everyone knows only lesbians wear pants all the time, sigh, idiots)

But youre pretty, thats so stupid that no one asks you out, maybe if you wear more low cut tops :no

Thats weird, I always thought you were kind of ****ty (no words)

Youre lying....

But you talk ok to me, why cant you talk to guys?

You know what, you should just start making out with guys in clubs, that will get you over this....

Maybe if you werent so quiet (hello?!?!?!)


And so on. Some of these come from family members, most come from coworkers, and a couple come from one friend in particular.

Can anyone relate?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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