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i just saw this movie today...& I thought the bros were so cute :um :b ... too bad they split up :lol ...but really i thought it kinda sucked they got the surgery...they ended up wanting to be stuck together anyway. also I notice they mention at one pont the Shappel sisters, the ones who are joined at the head, one of them sings country music & theyve appeared on tv shows alot, also when they run the credits at the end they actually play a song from the country singing twin's record( i forgot her name, Reba?) I thought that was cool, since usually the Farelly bros get criticized for taking physical or mental conditions & making comedy out of it...also I thought it was interesting that Matt Damon's character had anxiety attacks & was kinda a nerd...yeay nerds! :b

my only complaint about the movie is that it went on a bit too long after they had the surgery...& not all the jokes worked, some were really stupid... :fall

well um, sorry for bringing up a movie thats like 2 years old, I just wondered if anyone else here saw it... :um
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