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People tell me a lot that I'm a stressed person. I mean I know why but yet I just can't imagine it causing THIS much stress. To the point I'm angry and just miserable.
So what could be causing my stress?..
I'm going to list some things because i've been thinking about it all night.

-My weight.
-My lack of hobbies.
-My Sebborheic dermatitis and my Keratosis Pilaris.
-My lack of education.
-My lack of friends.
-All this moving around constantly.
-My parents fighting over money a lot.
-Me being unable to talk to people and look like an idiot.
-Not being able to EXPRESS myself fully to others so I just keep inside and let it fester.
-Being a total perfectionist and wanting control over a lot of things.
-Wanting people to accept me so badly.
-Wanting people to show me where to go and what to do but they tell me to stick up for myself.
-Stressing over stress!
-Letting it build up even more and more until I break down crying once someone poke a pin into my balloon and I start to deflate but It seems the stress is always STILL there. NO matter how much I cry.
-My lack of motivation.
-My lack of everything.
-Stress of hurting my family in the process.
-Leaving my sister behind to defend for herself with my parents.
-Stress to take care of my entire family so they can all be happy again.

I know.. that there are things I can do to relieve stress. I know there are things I should do.. and will do. Just how do you get past that.. without getting even more stressed?? I don't understand it. I'm just a miserable type person but I can hide it so well at times just so people don't hate me.
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