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For the stimulants that you've been on, how long do they tend to work for you throughout the day? I take methylphenidate 15mg twice a day now. I've found that the effects will vary between 4-6 hours.

I just wanted to hear some personal accounts though when it comes to other stimulants like adderall, vyvanse, Dexedrine, focalin, atomoxetine etc.

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adderall = 2 much anxiety
vyvanse = the best and smoothest, works for the longest.
dexedrine = good too, works for some hours.
methylphenidate = headaches and works too short. never took it on long term tho
ethylphenidate = was good, way better. can't make conclusions of it yet
atomoxetine = never tried it

The half life of most stimulants very long but always need to redose.
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