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Starting school/new job at the same time! Would this stress other people out too?

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So I got a job a couple days ago after many painful interviews and it just so happens that I'll be starting the same week that school starts! School starting always causes me a ton of anxiety because I don't know if anyone I talk to will be in my classes , and there's always group projects and presentations. I'm also really stressed out about starting a new job because where I'm working you have to be all bubbly and interact with people a lot, plus it's scary being judged on your performance by bosses and whatnot and I keep thinking I'll make a bunch of mistakes . So any way I'm really proud of myself for getting the job but now I'm scared I won't be able to handle all the stress ... has anyone else had anxiety starting school/a job? How can I stop stressing myself out!?
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Hi Raina,

I understand how difficult it can be to start it all at the same time. A new job, new classes, it won't be an easy task to manage all that without a lot of effort.

You should try really hard to put yourself in a state of "unselfconsciousness" (does that word even exist ? if not, then I'm going to apply for the patent on this word) - and what I mean by un-self-consciousness is that you are not so focused on your every actions. I know it's not easy, but if you don't try, your anxiety will be worse as time passes because not only will you constantly have in mind what mistakes you could do, but you'll also be rehearsing what you think you did wrong.

Apart from this little technique of unselfconsciousness (btw, I'm filling up the application for the patent right now !), maybe it would be wise to ask your doctor/therapist/psychiatrist for temporary drugs to overcome this brief anxiety-inducing passage of your life when new paths are setting up.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll do fine. Good luck ! :)
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Unselfconsciousness what a brilliant idea! (let me know how the patent works out for you XD!) ... one of my biggest problems is dwelling over the possible mistakes I've made so I'll definitely be working hard on this technique! Thanks for your advice J
First of all, congrats! you got the job :) and well done!

Yeah, I understand what you mean and i could relate to it. It happened to me when I joined my firm and also every day I go through the toughness of SA.
I would avoid SA by:
1. setting up goals at the beginning of the week(Sunday) and try achieving those without caring to any other things(may be SA or any other hurdles).
2. Making up my mind before leaving to office(may be through meditation or praying).
3. Also, at any instances at office(during conversation and meetings) I would try thinking positive(i know its tough).

You could try any of the above experiences of mine and see what will happen.

Be positive! its a productive and happy attitude towards anything. negativeness surely makes you ill.

Good luck! :)
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That's really impressive, Raina. Starting school and new jobs are stressful even for people without SA so it's awesome that you're taking on that challenge. One thing I like to keep in mind is that, anxiety is temporary and it can't harm me physically. Even if you're feeling anxious or stressed, that's a temporary feeling that will go away. As long as you go ahead and do the work, go to school, etc., in the face of the anxiety, you will have triumphed. We are pulling for you, so be brave.
So I started my job and it was kind of stressful. I had to chat with a lot of people and no one trained me so I was just awkwardly wandering not knowing where anything was or what I was supposed to do. Eventually she started explaining things though and I caught on.

It actually wasn't as bad as I expected, the girl I was working with even told my boss that I was good at my job! Hopefully the rest of the week will go well. Thanks for everyone's posts, I read over them before I started and they made me feel more positive :)
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