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I suffer from ADHD and I currently take 18 mg of Concerta. I have suffered from social anxiety for awhile now and it was really bad in high school, but after going to college and pushing myself to break out of my shell (even going as far to join a sorority) it has gotten better. Well it is not completely gone and I still suffer from some of the same fears I did in high school such as walking past groups of people, being afraid of meeting others, etc. It came to a big blow out this week when I went to Washington DC with my friend and we decided to have a party with some marine guys and before they even arrive I am freaking out in a basic panic attack mode. I survived the party, but almost had a heart attack doing so. So I have an appointment in a few weeks to get medication hopefully it will help. I was thinking I need something similar to zanax because when I'm in a situation I feel like i want to escape at all costs even though when it's not a rational fear.
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