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Starting IM Conversations

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This is something I have had a problem with for some time, but I think it's slightly worse than usual at the moment, so I wanted to ask if anyone else experienced this:

While I am often capable of seeming almost extrovert online, I have real difficulty bringing myself to actually start instant messaging conversations with people, e.g. on MSN. Even people who I have been talking to for over a year who are quite close contacts (I am hesitant to say "friend", since I never see these people IRL anymore) - once they start a conversation I'm usually ok, but I can never start it myself. I think I have some unshakeable internal conviction that they just don't want to talk to me, and that if I start a conversation I will just be bothering them.

Is anyone else like this, or am I alone in this particular weirdness?
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I also have this problem. I always feel if they wanted to talk to me then they would start the conversation. If they don't start one then I think I was right and they didn't want to talk to me. My issues go beyond just IMs too. I can't make phone calls at all. Even if someone tells me to call them. I even have a hard time sometimes starting a conversation with my best friends when they are standing right next to me lol. I won't start posts on forums because I figued people don't want to read anything I have to say. I don't even like answering post for the same reason. I'm working on that one though as you can see.
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