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Started my new job and feel so depressed - I feel everything has changed and I feel my normal surrounds are strange and becoming very moody with people but not colleagues at the moment. I seem to have picked up a cold/flu, can't sleep and what doesn't help is that my new colleagues hardly achknowledge that I'm there, the person looking after me isn't that bothered about training me and it seems I have to keep asking what to do and even when they show me what to do they rush through it - so have to keep asking questions - They look at me as if I'm stupid so this isn't doing my confidence any good. Just don't know if I can get on and deal with this - people (family and close friends are expecting so much - as I haven't worked in three years).

I feel so ashamed given the world crisis at the moment and I keep trying to tell myself that I should be grateful and happy having a job.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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