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I have been off now of SSRI for some days. I feel a lot better.

I made me less anxious, definitely but I recognized that I got numb, indifferent and dumb.
I didnt feel anymore to socialize with other people, i was doing all fine by myself. I could spend days alone without feeling the need to see/call/message somebody.

Now that I am off the medication, I just recognized how much it did suppress in me, it changed my personality a whole lot. It wasn't the first time, I was on SSRI. I've been taking it on and off fore almost 3 Years now. And every cycle I do with SSRI, i realize more and more how it works in me, how it changes me. What it does the first one or two weeks, and later on in the long run. Often people say they dont feel any effect of SSRI, that is because they dont sense the changes, they are often small and subtle but there are definitely effects.

It feels really weird for me now being interested in stuff again, doing things that i was used to do but stopped doing while on SSRI because I didn't feel like it, or I didn't feel I need to. On SSRI I wouldn't share my thoughts here, or with any other people, i was doing fine and I didn't think of it.

I dont know if you can relate to this at all, after all everybody experience SSRI differently.
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