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Squeezing toothpaste

Squeezing Toothpaste?

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How do you squeeze yours?

<--in the middle. ;)

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I'm kind of weird about squeezing toothpaste tubes... if it's full (new tube), I squeeze in the middle but as it empties, I squeeze from the bottom (rolling the tube up as I go) so I make use of all of it.
Top... always the top
realspark said:
Drella's_Rock_Follies said:
I squeeze from the bottom.
:nw :nw :nw :nw :nw :nw :nw :nw Thank you!
It's my duty to serve.
The top because i dont care about the next person, even though the next person is usually me.
From the bottom. Ever since my dad came home with a "tube squeezer" years ago :lol, I have squeezed from the bottom.
Re: re: Squeezing Toothpaste?

realspark said:
OMG, so many middle squeezers!!!! Have you NO shame!!!! I would have a fit! My daughter squeezes the tube from all angles, when I see that tube, I cringe...............

From the bottom.............Always from the bottom.................When my sis throws out a tube, cause she thinks it's all gone, I get it out of the CLEAN trash and get another weeks worth out of it.

The middle................The top..........Your tubes must be all gnarly..............Barbarian behavior...........Animals! :b

It really is one of my pet peeves;-)))))
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Nonamia, ahhh mannnnnnnnnnnnn, I held you in high esteem, you're a middle squeezer, top.........Ingrate;-))))))))) :b :b :b

You NEVER really know anyone, then you read it on SAS;-)

until it starts getting kind of empty, then you have to squeeze everywhere.
When it's new the middle cause it doesn't really matter. When it starts to get lower the top to squish what's stuck near the front out. When not much comes out that way anymore I start at the bottom and steadily pack it all toward the top and then squish it from the end until it's gone. Although quite frequently I buy new toothpaste before the tube is more than 3/4ths gone so then it still doesn't matter.
AGHH!! BOTTOM -> UP! Don't just squeeze it willie-nillie!! @[email protected]
And put the damn cap back on when yer' done!
We all had our own toothpastes.. I do not understand why people just do not buy own toothpastes, it does not matter if someone want to suck it straight in their mouths then... People just want to fight...
AGHH!! BOTTOM -> UP! Don't just squeeze it willie-nillie!! @[email protected]
And put the damn cap back on when yer' done!
YES! I am a stickler for tidy toothpaste tubes.
From the bottom.
When I open a new one, I squeeze from wherever. When it starts to get empty, I use my thumb & pointer finger to squeeze anything at the bottom to the top.
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