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**Spiritual Poetry Thread**

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Feel free to post your spiritual writing or your favorite spiritual poetry here. :)
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Shadows In Light

Always on the outside
looking in.
Taking refuge
in dark places,
hiding in fear of this
cold world,
darkness became
a part of me.

drawing nearer
to You,
my eyes adjusting
to the light,
it's clear
there is a place for me.

In the shadow of
the cross...

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good stuff guys...keep it coming :)
love the poetry Debs :)
awesome Chris!
um...yo quiero taco bell! :) :eek:t
stillwaters said:
I am….

I am a Child of the Great I am,
I am a child of God,
I am a Sister of Jesus,
And the Holy Spirit Dwells
In me…
awesome poem Debs! :)
1 - 7 of 43 Posts
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