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Below is a questionaire to fill out that assesses your spiritual or motivational gifts. There are many Christian online spiritual gift assessments like this but I liked this one because, although it is based on the spiritual gifts outlined in Romans 12, it is geared towards all faiths. I like to take these tests twice; once as I am now (with SA), and again answering the questions based on how I think I'd be without SA. There's usually a big difference and it helps to motivate me to work toward the goal of overcoming my fears and to uncover the person I truly am inside. Enjoy! :)

You can do this!
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Hmm, I am a little nervous to post my actual percentages for some reason. I just took it based on how I am right now.

I scored highest on the teacher and showing mercy

People with the gift of teaching are consummate debaters. It is how they convince and help others to learn. It doesn't matter if they are in the office or at home, people with the gift of teaching are constantly thinking on their feet. Teachers need to know the reasoning behind concepts or ideas. They do not take anything at face value. Teachers can appear argumentative while they are simply trying to gain further understanding. They have the ability to synthesize ideas, which results in a constant mental flow of information. Teachers are those who need to carry pocket size tape recorders so they can record their ideas throughout the day. Their mind is always running and is filled with new ideas.

People with the gift of teaching need intellectual stimulation. They easily get bored with routine tasks. Teachers love to learn and keep their minds busy. They usually enjoy research and love the opportunity to share something they have learned.


People gifted with mercy are the first to listen and sympathize when someone is suffering. They feel that sympathizing with others is a valuable use of their time. This gift is concerned with the condition of the person who is suffering or in trouble. Often people with this gift have a strong desire to relieve the pain of others. This is why people with the gift of mercy are usually effective in roles that require compassion, such as physical therapists, social workers, counselors, or where they can listen to the problems of others, such as human resources where employee concerns are addressed.

It is this ability to show compassion and mercy that enables the person with this gift to demonstrate a large amount of patience. They are less likely to become frustrated when people repeatedly come to them with problems unlike those gifted in the other areas.
That actually sounds fairly accurate. :)

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The Perceiver: 45%
The Server: 55%
The Teacher: 65%
The Encourager: 40%
The Giver: 25%
The Ruler: 40%
Showing Mercy: 28%

I didn't score very high on any of them. I took a similar test when I was about 18 and scored highest on wisdom, knowledge, and teaching and they were very high scores.

It must be the way this test was worded
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