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Has anyone else had issues with this?

Lately, as in the past 6-8 months or so, I've noticed something disturbing about my speech habits...I'll stutter or blur the words together in a sentance as if I'm drunk or my tongue was swollen. Even when I'm not embarressed/not in front of a group.

Example: yesterday I was talking to my sister and couldn't say "Where are the nutrition facts on the bottle?" it was more like "where r tha nusha facts on the bottle" and i couldn't say it correctly. A different time I said "nomenclature" and i could NOT say it correclty. I've found i do this with soft sounds like b's and m's more than k's or t's. It's almost like stutter meets lisp. And w's are terrible "re-wording" was like "wuh wuhring". I've never had a speech problem before. EVER. I used to read out loud ibn class forever because the teachers liked how I read.

It's happening more frequently too, but like, only once a day or something. And of course, the more I think about it, the worse it is. it's always reaaally embarrassing because it's so obvious...i'll try to say a sentence four times before re-wording it.

Could this be ....

a)some kind of 'lack-of-use' thing, because i tend to be quiet most of the time, i'm kind of "forgetting" how to talk (don't talk to fam much :(..)

b)some kind of unconscious anxiety thing...maybe unconsciously it's making me nervous to be talking so i'll screw up the word?

c)Some kind of unrelated thing maybe? I woke up yesterday and saw that i had been biting the side of my tongue in my sleep- there were actually freaky molar indentations deep into my tongue? And sometimes it feels like my tongue doesn't "fit" in my mouth, almost. Could this be some weird mouth thing?
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