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I did my speech class almost 2 years ago. It went Ok I guessed.
I had to do a total of 4 speeches.
1- 3 min Introduction
2- 6-8 min informative
3- 6-8 min perspuasive
4- group speech -teaching the class
15 min each student with a total of 45min.

Thanks god!! I've got through it.
Actually there were a couple students that were really nervous than I was.However, I don't think they had SAD. They just probaply had the anxiety for the speech only.
At that time my anxiety was not so bad, it got worse later on but now it is little better. i just tranfered to another big school. So i'm battling with it right now. Pray for me you guys, i'm praying for all of you too.
Happy Memorial Day!!
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