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omg! I'm taking speech right now and I do my final big speech on freaking tuesday-I have to speak for 6-8 freaking minutes-I mean the best u can do is not prepare ur speeches at the last second because if u do then u'll be reading ur whole speech and get a bad grade(cuz a big point of class is to use non verbal codes-body language to convey your message confidence etc-if u know ur speech then at least u can focus on making eye contact, and ****....

Also, conciously get rid of bad thoughts-for example(I am such a procastinator!!!!!!) I had to do my first official speech a couple weeks ago and I was freaking writing the speech and doing the annotated bib like an hour b4 class and I ended up being like 15min late because I was still writing it-not good, but ythe prof wasn't angry...But that means I had no freaking practice so the things that really mattered-body language, eye contact, hand gestures, I got points off those becuse I was so focused on looking at my paper since I had literally written it an hour before that.....But the greener side of this which I want u to focus on is that I knew my speech could've been better, and guess what I chose to write about? Bigfoot and the freaking lochness monster, and inside I knew, I just ****ing knew that evryone would think I'm a nerd, weird and be so bored, but I didn't let myself think those thoughts, thats the key becaause when I'm embaraseed my ****ing face turns red but I told myself, I had to tell myself that my speech was well organized, that it was an interesting topic, and thats how I made it up there without crumbling-I blocked those thoughts. And I was able to make eye contact even though people were clearly bored-I mean, they had they were resting their heads on their hands, their eyes were glazed over, and that would've embarassed me if I let myself dwell on it but I conciously blocked those feelings and forced myself to lock eyes with them at least some of the time. EDIT: and i can honestly tell you that thinking positively, etc, kept me from feeling the nerves-i felt more silly awkward than actually jittery/shaky/nervous, i felt a lot calmer by doing those things

So remember to pick a topic that won't make u feel like **** in the time that u take to prepare your speech and block negative, thoughts, think positively, and don't let ur fear stop you from making eye contact. The class covers more than I can write about....... Speech professors are aware(or at least mine is though she's a hardass,) of the fear of public speaking and the issues are addressed in class-tips are covered on how to manage the fear etc, but in the end it's up to us-like they can give us tips like practice, think positive, but we have to try them and get in control cuz in the end the fear is all in our head-I've gotten a bit better but I'm still nervous......

I mean also if u have to, remind urself ur doing this for a grade, ur making eye contact, ur doing this ur doing that cuz u want an A, so fake the confidence like I tried to do with my bigfoot speech
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