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Noticed that I often get words mixed up or do a lot of spoonerisms. Like before I tried to say 'chopping fireworks' and said 'chopping firewood' instead. My verbal articulation isn't great although my writing is fine and my word recall is pretty shoddy at times too. This isn't all the time though it's something that I've noticed enough that it's a problem and it isn't always when I'm anxious so I don't know if I can put it down to anxiety. Like I know what I want to say but there's a disconnect between my brain and mouth that doesn't transfer the words from my head to my tongue.

Any information on this, whether it's possible to get tested for it or any ways to improve it such as practising reading out loud or something? It's possible that it's worse because I'm out of work so I'm by myself a lot of the day. I noticed it's not so bad when I'm talking to people every day.

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im sorry i dont know any way ;/
i can relate..
i can speak perfectly with people i trust..
but when it comes to random people or even aquaintances... my verbal ability deteriorates...
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