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Ok so I got through my 5 weeks of teaching prac pretty much unscarred. But thats not the best thing.

I really enjoyed being on prac too, some days i really looked forward to going. i loved getting to know the kids, i really cared about them and wanted them to succeed. i tried my hardest to be the best teacher i could be and i am proud of what i have accomplished. being proud of myself is something i really struggle with so the fact i can even say im proud is a huge step.

I tried my hardest to interact with the staff at my school and found they really accepted me for who i was.

But all of this still isnt the best thing. the best thing is that during my last three pracs i have at some stage told the teacher i was with about my SA and almost used it as an excuse for why i wasnt good at certain things. this year however, ive finished prac and no one at the school knows anything about my SA. i didnt have to use it as an excuse. i did it and i can do it again :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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