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I've known lots of girls, who love to change their relationship status on fb all over the place, have it say single when I know they are in a serious relationship, say they are in a relationship, when I know they are looking, etc..

don't put too much emphasis on the facebook thing, I think its unlikely to be directed at you..more likely its just because way more people have facebook than myspace, and she just wants more privacy or whatever..

obviously she has another guy in her life, nothing you can do about that...except if you get along with her well, there's every possibility she could be your girl someday...if your honest, you'll know if you really get on well together or not...keep being her friend as you are able too..if she's interested anway..ask her out on a serious date if you are really serious about her and risk losing her as a friend (if she hasn't actually told you she has a boyfriend), or just find some activity to do together for fun like go to a concert or something... seems possible she just likes someone else more right now, but she might now like you at'll know soon enough I think if you try to make a move..
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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