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Some day, I will wake up in bed and not dread the coming day.
I will get myself clean and ready for school/work and ready to leap out the door early in the morning. I will say hi to my neighbors, and not fear eye contact.
One day, I'm going to be in shape. And I will be one of the few female firefighters, able to do one-handed push-ups. And nobody will know about my transgenderism. There will be sexism and harrasment at first. But I will just shrug it off, and continue the day. I would work hard, very hard, I will be able to give and recieve orders without anxiety (well, save for the anxiety from the burning building).
And I will save someones life, and from then on be respected, and even admired by my coworkers. I will give lessons on fire safety to 4th graders, advise construction engineers on what materials are safest where, and setting up an alarm/sprinkling system. The families I helped save would thank me. We would hug in front of the 'macho' jackass guys.
Elementary students would send us stupid little 'thank you' cards made of dry macaroni, glue, and construction paper.

Afterwards, me and my wife/husband/whoever would walk in a park, and hold eachother in public. I will be introduced to friends, family, and anyone else and I would have actual conversations with them.
And after a long, rough day, me and my significant other would crawl into bed and hold eachother. Not necessarily have sex, just holding eachother without inhibition, without hesitation. I would actually look forward to the next day, instead of trying to keep it out of my mind.
And the last words I hear while I fall asleep will be;
"I love you, Alice."

Yep, that's how its gonna be someday...
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