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Ugh. So many. Basically all 380 songs currently on my ipod. Every time I am fortunate enough to find a good song (tough these days) I ruin it by overplaying it in any moment of silence. which is basically 96 % of my day, so you can imagine. Examples would be..

A lot of Death Cab for Cutie songs, a LOT of Jack Johnson songs, the majority of Bob Marley's songs (still love him so much, just need a break, lol). Metallica- Enter Sandman, Sad but True, Master of Puppets, Nothing Else Matters, The Servant- Cells (hate it now but still claim it as one of my favorite songs ever lol), A handful of Lil Wayne songs, Sublime- What I got, Garden Grove, basically that whole CD. Lots of ACDC, too. What else. I'll think of more later, for sure. Burning myself out on music is what I do.

The thing I hate is ring tones. I pick my absolute favorite songs to be my ring tones and then next thing I know I can't bare to listen to the song at all.
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