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Well my bio teacher does this extra credit thing where she plays biology related music and we have to guess the name of it, but she gives us the band/singer .

Anyways, the band name is Phish, and I think the song title is " Golgi Apparatus", Is there such song?

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I looked it up:

Phish - Golgi Apparatus

I look into the finance box
Just to check my status
I look into the microscope
See Golgi Apparatus

Golgi, oh, woe is me
You can't even see the sea
Golgi, olgi, oh ooo olgi

They call him Lysasome
Cause he run so fast
Run like a junkyard dog
With a brain of brass

I saw you
With a ticket stub in your hand
Under the light
Middle of the night
Couldn't get it wrong
So I had to
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