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not evn sposed to be here
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A little improv turned out good so I grabbed a cam and recorded this.

hope you like it. Can you hear teh wordz OK? Don't just read them and judge me plz to do so would be like to read the transcript of the newsies and say it's a bad film =P

I bought a gun, just today
it's nice... it's nice...
I bought a gun today
I don't know what it's for yet
but I hope one day I figure it out

I got a handful of problems
oh yeah, I do
And now I got a hand on a
brand new

god damn it's bright
god damn it god damn it, it's bright

Shine it, shine it up
I can see myself in the _chrome
shine it up, shine it up
yeah come on feathers, hold me down


I got a life full of problems (mind fulla)
I got a handful of gun


walk it off, walk it off
in the back of my jeans
Someday I'll figure it out
figure it, figure it
figure it out

Shiny new, shiny new
Shiny new, shiny new


find out, this time
this times for real
find out, find out
find out just how
loud it is

Things quiet down
more so than you
would ever have imagined

Shuvel in hand, shuvel in hand
_Put 'em down in the ground

>>That's right
put my problems, put my problems
put my problems, in the ground
in the ground, in the ground

yeah, Put my problems in the ground
Put my problems in-ground
Put my problems in the ground, yeah
and walk away
walk away
walk away
walk away...
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