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Long story short I have difficulty finding and keeping friends or employers ever since I got my wings of freedom after finishing the equivalent of college education.

I had a sheltered upbringing under strict ideals that turned out the wrong way, so I don't do well in a society that is filled with people who typically enjoy digging out my personal life details for their amusement, or being grouped with people who seem to discuss perverted fantasies all day. Employers who hire from my age group typically have the aforementioned characteristics. And you wonder why I exhibit SA like symptoms.

One of the reasons why I hate being young is the inability to take decisive action and carve up one's own professional network out of the lazy majority. I had to wait a long time before I had the necessary wisdom to converse with the aim of influencing others, and it's because there are a minority who are tolerant of persons with less than fortunate upbringing and willing to give them a chance that causes me to reflect and say yes, I have hope yet.

While I suffered at the hands of gross mismanagement whist waiting tables to pay off my education loans I had gained valuable experience to not give in to adversity. The ignorance and failings in others merely give me strength knowing that I can do better, and by surviving those dark periods I would someday use these negative experiences in giving hope for others going through similar things.

It is difficult to retain individual identity and package it in a palatable format for majority appeal - and even more challenging to make a living out of being unique.

But if you are firm in your views and place your dignity above others who try and take it from you, one merely has to retain that identity with a clear conscience and wait for it to pay off.

Because there are employers who value such persons who stood firm under fire, and never gave in to society's pressure to fit in and be joyful. Conscience comes first to me, so I said no to a life of sin and friendships out of deception - so today, after a month's soul searching, my job application was approved almost immediately after a very detailed and professional panel interview.

Believe me I had thought of the possibilities for quite a long period of time, but never expected that a year's ongoing education in the legal aspects of business management could earn me a place in a law firm. Safe to say I wouldn't belong anywhere else, and who cares if I don't have the right qualifications - I can always learn as I go along :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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