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Feelin down the other day. so I put pen to paper and this came out. nothing special but here goes.


Day after day, always the same.
Toxic thoughts sabotaging my brain.
Hatred depression feeling so down.
**** it all, it can all go to hell.

Getting harder,
Harder to get out of bed.

More worn out,
(from)Fighting the thoughts within my head.

The pain pulling me down
Dragging me under,
Starting to drown.

I did not choose to be this way.
To be filled with self-hate, anger, and rage.
Despising everyone, so happy, all that I see.
Hating thier, phoney-ness, and judgement of me.

Everyday- Draining me.

Everyday- Paining me.

Everyday- Taunting me.

Everyday- Haunting me.
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