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Something I realized today about my friends made me feel so much better about myself. I have three friends, one for 6+ years, one 5+ years, one 3+ years (i'm 18..).

I've always (well, in the past couple years it's been the worst) felt very insecure about my friendships, thinking that they were only friends with me because they were bored, and that they don't care about me, and that I have to be very careful to be the exact friend they want so they don't leave.

Well, it dawned on me that

1. I am poor. I live in subsidized housing and I think my neighbor sells crack.
2. I have SA

That means that I don't give them money, I don't do things for them, I don't have any connections or anything.

On paper, they're in the negative being my friend! They're losing being my friend. Therefore, they must actually like me :D. In fact, all three have lots of friends, but I still am high-ranking in their list. They actually like me.

I think us of us with friends should appreciate that they obviously care about us. I know I am not a fun person with my SA (i do stupid SA **** know.). They are friends with us and put up with the crap because they are our friends.

I know a lot of us are used to being or thinking we are being used. That's a chicken and egg thing with SA. But sometimes people love you because they do. Not because you give them something in return :)
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