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Hi Everyone,

I'm definitely not a dietitian or health professional in any way, but losing weight is something I am actually good at. I've lost around 75 pounds and don't have much more to go. Here are some tips that may help if you're looking to lose some weight.

I found that a lot of my weight loss came from just eating right. Growing up I was obese, always the heavy kid of the group. I struggled and struggled, failed diet after diet- I've been through it all just like a lot of you have I'm sure. I am addicted to food; plain and simple. It was always my comfort, my escape from the world. My success came when I started losing weight for me, not everybody else.

Eating at the right time seems to be really important to me, if I start to trend where I am only eating once or twice a day I can definitely feel it take a toll on my metabolism. I do my absolute best to eat a balanced breakfast, just simply one egg, one piece of toast, and a fruit of some sort. I work first shift so my lunchtime is at work and I am not a big lunch person. Usually kept it light with just veggies and fruit. Dinner is when I can be creative with the diet, usually factoring in my meat and protein (I avoid red meat if I can).

As far as beverages go -I do treat myself to a soda probably 1-3 times a week, but mostly stick to the occasional glass of milk, water, and tea. I drink a lot of water before I eat, kind of fills me up. After a few weeks of good steady dieting I noticed my stomach shrinking -didn't take as much to feel 'full'.

What I find really important on dieting is not pushing yourself too hard. If I have an off day and break into old unhealthy diet habits I don't punish myself. I just look forward to getting at it the next day. It's difficult, I've lost a lot of the weight, but the battle never ends.

I am horrible at exercise. Not a great runner, not a great biker, and I have a hard time keeping up in intense sports. That doesn't mean I can't do them at all though. I walk/jog and take nice easy bike rides after work. The great thing about a tough work out is the feeling I get afterwards. I find it really helps relieve stress, especially after a long day of work. I generally put in around a half hour of straight exercise a day, after a few weeks you'll see a difference in yourself.

I always used to be the 'I'll start on Monday' type of guy. But I can tell you that you are better off just starting right now.

Future Plans:
I've got about 30 pounds to lose yet before I would consider myself at a healthy weight. I am going to continue my diet (forever if I can :)). When I have about 20 pounds to lose I am going to step up my exercising and start rebuilding myself (do some weightlifting and such).

Anways, for those out there looking to lose some pounds keep some of these ideas in mind -if you're like me it will definitely help!!

Thanks for reading,
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