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My manager says I’m rude because customer’s say so. I’m very stressed out at work at the moment, I get put alone to work at the restaurant and it gets busy. I’m taking Uber, DoorDash and skip orders by myself. I just want to take your order and leave to finishing up other ones.
Me: Hi, what would you like?
Customer: says order
Me: okay, how would you like to pay
Customer pays
Me: That’ll be ready in 15 minutes as I have a lot of orders before yours.
I say this in my normal voice and I’m not a smiler, so I hardly ever do that. Maybe that’s the problem. It’s just me and someone who can’t cook or speak English properly. So I’m stuck trying to make 20 orders from 5 people in less than 20 minutes. And we cook from scratch.

I accept it’s my fault. But I feel like it’s starting to hurt me. Because what if I go out and someone recognizes me as the rude person from so so and so restaurant.
Someone even said, they hired the wrong person.
I feel worse about myself
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