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no ceasing
no ebb
just free flowing,
from eyes
to throat
to lungs
filling me, traveling ice cold
a pit in the bottom of my stomach,
atoms pooled into a brick of ice.
i'm on display for all to see, a sad, sad sight painting a portrait of angst for all of humanity.
poor teenager,
they say,
killed by society, or perhaps deranged by her very own thoughts.
such a shame,
they'll say,
and shake their heads and disapprove and lie and forget.
i portray filth; a racing in my veins
my heart is forgotten somewhere,
where i captured you and watched the blood run from your eyes that i have gouged out,
only to pool on the floor for me to rub into my skin,
a bath of shame
i wallow in my deepest fears
and let it burn and sting beneath my eyelids
and listen to myself choke
and no longer do i destruct,
but let go and sit,
content with the outcome,
the way things should be
due to a simple jump,
a push of the feet
and then i breathe, and you are there,
waiting like you promised.
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