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Since I was at Cabela's yesterday to meet Patty (woman from craigslist I never met before), a triumph in itself, I decided to see how much Cabela's would give me for my Taurus PT 92 pistol. [For background on Patty: ]

I've long hated that gun. They offered $250, which isn't as much as what I wanted, but the written offer was valid for 30 days. BTW, I got $40 for getting Patty to join the Cabela's "cult" -- she got a hat and $20 and soon as she has her own Cabela's Visa she can start recruiting cult members of her own for these same $40 offers.

Well, today I took the Taurus pistol to a local gun shop and they couldn't even come close to Cabela's price. Their advice: take Cabela's offer. Since I didn't really want to drive all the way out to Cabela's again I decided to stop by a Gander Mtn that I pass on the way to see if they could match the price. They could not. Their offer was around $150. So back to Cabela's it was to get my $250.

The triumphs were multiple: I went to three different gun dealers each to shop around the same gun. While at Cabela's the second time I was curious what they'd give me for a S&W 617 revolver (.22LR -- 10shot): $350 which frankly is insulting given that it cost twice that new two years prior. I think that gun I'll try to sell privately if I choose to sell it.
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