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I don't have a college degree or children and I've had my own gender be quite rude or mean to me or pity me for that openly, and then they ignore me or snub me, then talk about me too..triple whammy without real cause and it has caused a lot of stress. I basically used to think as a religious person to forgive and its okay but no its not okay. I am not religious so I avoid those people. Online I've emailed people, PMed them on sites and as soon as I said my job and didn't have a degree either, I never hear back from them, could it be because I know they have a masters? hmmmmm? lol, um that was the only real thing the email was about so I am sure it wasn't anything else.. I have the sense to say yes they are snobs and I wouldn't want to befriend someone like that. hhahaha maybe I make more than they do and I am lying about the whole thing of education and job and want to see if they snub me because if they do than I know what they are like, later when they find out I make more than them, and they want to be friends I snub them back. I am only using their standard against them now. Can they fault me? The judgmental people who harshly judge the the lower classes are the same as the jealous people who suck up and manipulate, steal, and are jealous to the higher classes. if youre rich you know that the jealous are your sworn enemy and you want to know who they are immediately! I find out who they are this way pretending to be in the lower class to find out how class conscious they are and snotty or jealous. But that's my little weird fantasy.

No I don't tolerate being snubbed outright and I go elsewhere and seek to find people. I don't need a lot of good friends. I don't blame you for leaving a situation. I really care about the few friends in real life that I do have. I am getting better at picking up the social cues of people if they are disrespectful and am quicker to accept and move on.
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